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At the Ryan Institute LLC, our mission is to help individuals achieve their educational and career goals. As an emerging provider of lifelong education, we offer the best tutors in reading and mathematics that you or your child needs most, at any grade level. Whether we are assisting elementary students in mastering early literacy skills, helping a middle school student master basic math skills, or enabling a college student earn their degree, Ryan Institute LLC helps students achieve their personal and professional goals.

Ryan Institute LLC is committed to providing exceptional educational support through our personalized approach and one to one ratio. Tutoring sessions are scheduled at the convenience of the student, in home, public library or another convenient meeting place.

Ryan Institute LLC provides flexible support services that are catered to the needs of our clients:

  • One-on-one or small group support
  • Short or long term support
  • In-home educational support
  • Standardized test prep
  • Experienced tutors, teachers and professionals


“Why be mediocre when you have the potential to be GRRREAT?”

- Dr. Dontae L. Ryan