From Our Clients

– Tamiko (Student)

“I had not taken any math courses in a number of years and found this to be very challenging. Your methods were effective and with your help I saw an improvement in my GPA. You explained math to me in such a way that I was able to really understand the problems and find alternative solutions to get the answers.
The examples you provided me with included real life situations that I could understand, applied to the problems, and made sense. I would recommend your tutoring services to anyone. Your methods and patience with me was priceless. I cannot Thank You enough. If references are ever needed, please feel free to have your potential clients contact me”.

– Mrs. Mildred (Grandmother of Student)

“Dontae tutored my granddaughter twice a week for three months. Observing Dontae, I noticed that he really took his time going over homework and lesson plans with my granddaughter. He explained every step thoroughly and even composed fun learning activities to help my granddaughter grasps the concepts for tougher problems.
Dontae really connected with my granddaughter which made it easier for her to asks questions. He is kind and gentle with his answers and feedback. He is very clear with his instructions which helps make him a great teacher.”

– Alisa (Aunt of Student)

“My nephew attended Ryan Institute, LLC for help in mathematics. This was my first time using tutoring services through a company. Before we started the process, Dr. Ryan took the time to explain to me his tutoring philosophy and goals of the company. We discussed expectations and what results we were looking for as it related to my nephews progress. What impressed me most about Ryan Institute is their philosophy to ensure the student has a thorough understanding of what they are doing and why.
My nephew has been very successful with the help of Dr. Ryan. He went from being a “D” student to achieving a “B” in math at the end of the school year. He was so excited. As a result of his tutoring, my nephew has developed a confidence in his math skills and is eager to apply those skills to the upcoming school year. I recommend Ryan Institute to anyone that is looking for quality services. They have truly exceeded my expectations.”